The creative philosophy and goal at Compass is to establish a message with clarity and the power to achieve a more complete post-event follow through. Compass views an event as an activity where ideas and information are transferred from the presenter to the audience in ways that lead to greater comprehension and the desired actions following the event. We know from Cognitive Psychology studies that an enormous amount of learning takes place on the subconscious level. This happens when the emotional context is right and certain transmitters are turned on, thereby imprinting the message in the brain. We exploit the findings of these studies by working with you to develop a factual, data laden message for the conscious mind while focusing on the sub-conscious mind by aggregating feelings, attitudes, emotions and corporate culture to complete and communicate the message. Our approach provides light-handed, mostly subconscious symbolic metaphors. From the message we construct an event that exploits potential communication opportunities to stimulate the conscious and sub-conscious mind prior to, and throughout the entire event. This includes pre-registration, arrivals, departures, internet communications, on-site registration, during meals, parties, receptions, team building activities and other venue logistical elements.

“Compass thrives under pressure and we at SanDisk have 110% confidence that all programs run through Gail and Lynda will turn out seamlessly and beautifully. Their planning and attention to detail is top notch. Working with Compass is always a pleasure!”

Doug Hauck
VP, Americas Retail Sales